About Us

Welcome to Hemp4Health

We believe Hempworx products offer the best quality CBD oil on the market. Every batch is rigorously tested for quality before it is dispatched.  We started selling Hempworks CBD oil after our own journey looking for a natural pain relief for arthritis, bad insomnia and low feelings due to menopause as well having 2 nephews both who have ADHD and are taking Retalin, we thought it might help

Are we cured? No. Does it help? Yes it does. It takes approx 4 weeks for the dosage to kick in orally, however the topical creams give immediate relief to arthritic areas. Before bed, it helps to relax and calm the nervous system to help with sleeplessness.

There is a lot of research on CBD oil out there, do google and read reviews and users testimonies to get a good idea of what you can expect from using CBD oils and creams. This is the best gauge of how well a product works. Don’t take our word for, take all the other users that have shared their experiences.

How to use

You take half a dropper under the tongue twice per day and try to leave there for approximately 2 minutes (although we are happy if we can get to 1 minute). Thats it.

The HempWorx CBD oil is the most concentrated, purest CBD oil on the market. It’s used under the tongue to get maximum absorption.  HempWorx has a 98% absorption rate, because the CBD is absorbed into the blood stream immediately.

HempWorx has created the World’s PUREST form of CBD Oil products. In turn, making it 100% completely safe and effective to use, with no known side affects. HempWorx is the go-to product, trusted by practitioners and health professionals worldwide. Additionally, Hemp Worx uses the purest, and most potent, ingredients backed by loads of clinical data testing and analysis. All certifications are posted for public viewing. Our products are all tested in a FDA Approved facility and contain less than 0.03% THC. Combined with the fact that HempWorx sources their raw hemp material from organic Kentucky farms, their use of low-temperature CO2 extraction guarantees a pure product. Fresh lock drying is used by the agricultural partners at Hempworx, to eliminate molds and pathogens during the drying process and before extraction. This ensures that the end product has all its essential phytochemicals intact.

We also have  HempWorx Pain Relief Rub for external application on the body with HempWorx pure CBD infused.

We also offer 2 top of the line quality skincare products including HempWorx Revive with Collagen and Retinol, infused with HempWorx CBD. As well as HempWorx Renew with apple stem cells, infused with CBD.

Our certification is updated with each batch